Why you should try Glossier Phase 2 Set


I recently started my delayed Glossier journey by purchasing the Glossier Phase 2 set. I heard a lot of talk about the brand Glossier from endless online reviews to about every Youtuber. A couple of 40 dollars and five business days, I was ready to start my skin thriving journey. The Glosser Phase 2 set comes with three items: the Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer and Generation G, all for a steal of 40 dollars. Here are my thoughts about each product.

Stretch concealer

Glossier's Stretch Concealer says it's not your traditional concealer because it has elastic miro waxers and nourishing oils. It says it will cover everything from your eyes' dark circles to blemishes we get now and then. Let me note that I purchased this concealer in the shade medium.

First things first, I love the feel of the Stretch Concealer. It is very creamy, and you can build on top of as much as you want without it looking cakey and stiff. Honestly some days I just put a couple of dabs of this concealer under the bags under my eyes and call it good. I would give this five out of five stars!

The boy brow

The second item I chose was the Boy Brow grooming pomade in the shade black. Glossier says this product will accomplish three things: it will thicken, fill in and groom the brows. It comes in four shades: blond, brown, black and clear.

To be honest, I don't fill in my eyebrows because they are naturally bushes. I usually have the struggle of having to groom them regularly. This product did make my brows look cleaner. The formula felt good and waxy. It did not leave my eyebrows feeling stiff. I would give this product a four out of five.

Generation G

The last product from my kit is the Generation G lipstick in shade cake. What Glossier describes it will give you a matte, diffused and goodness. This lipstick key ingredients are triple coated mica, blue agave and safflower oil.

When looking for a shade, I wanted I looked at something that I could wear every day. If I could wear any lipstick for the rest of my life, it would be this one! I adore the fact that it is so creamy and wearable. It's hard to find a single shade that works for everyday use. I love the fact that this lipstick is buildable and it does not leave your lips dry after putting it on.

Overall thoughts on Glossier Phase 2 Set

Overall, I will have to say that Glossier Phase 2 Set lives up to the hype. Glossier is true to their brand, in that everything is made to enhance your natural beauty and not cover it up. Which was one of the reasons I had to try it out. I will be repurchasing all three products. These products have made into my daily makeup routine. I do want to try out their skin line in the future. Glossier you got yourself a fan! 💖