Declan Mckenna "What Do You Think About the Car?" | Album Review


Declan Mckenna is an 18-year old that screams talent. At the age of 16, he already had a hit song "Brazil" that won awards. He released his first full album titled "What do you think about the car?"

"What do you think about the car?" overall album sound.

This album's overall sound is more indie pop with a hint of techno sounds if that makes sense. Declan Mckenna established is signature sound where we can identify this is a Mckenna song. He stays very true to his style as he started, which is why we fans keep going for more. The melodies of his songs start out more clam then transform into these catchy pop tunes.

"What do you think about the car?" album overall message.

"What do you think about the car?" album message is very simple; it's a message to the whole world. It's awake up call to the world to start paying attention to the world problems from politics, relationships, corruption to friendships. It's clear what kind of Mckenna wants to do, and that's precisely what he should do.

Favorite songs from the album.

As you might know by now, my favorite songs honestly change my time and mood. However, there is one particular song that caught my attention has to be "Make me your queen." I feel in love with the melody, but I stayed in love with it for its lyrics. They are a statement about being in an abusive relationship. He makes the statement that abusive relationships are about power and control with his lyrics. It's something our generation needs to hear and prevent.

My other favorite songs have to be "Humongous" because of its melody transitions and amazing vocals. It's a strong and bold way to start the album, not to mention the cute intro between him and his sister. "Brazil" is another favorite of mine because this song is simply a classic. I also appreciate "I am everyone else" for its catchy guitar solo and message about shady friends.

My overall opinion on "What do you think about the car?" album.

I give this album a four out five stars. This album isn't just a beautifully composed album with catchy melodies but an album with a statement! There nothing more inspirational than hearing an artist take a stand to social problems like relationships, corruption, and politics. Declan Mckenna is on my list to see live one day. Nothing but pure talent.