Take a trip into J-hope's "Hope World" | Review


J-hope, from BTS, released his first solo mixtape called Hope World along with a music video for his song "Day Dreaming." With just one day of it being released the music video being released, it gained over 10 million views and trended on Youtube. Hope World also topped the charts making number one album on iTunes in the United States and over 20 countries.


Hope World Sound.

From the beginning to the end you are pulled into this energy that reflects what J-hope personality. Hope World's sound is retro meets modern day rap, the 90's rap flow to 2010's trap sound. In a 2014 song from BTS Dark & Wild, J-hope rapped about being influenced by old-school rhythms like Biggie, Tupac, Nas. We can defiantly hear the influence and vibes.

The album starts with "Hope World", with 90's rap vibe that brings back the golden age of hip-hop memories continuing into "P.O.P. (Piece of Peace) pt.1" and "Daydream". "Base Line" is the transitions into the more mainstream trap beat but with a hint of old-school beats. It's short, to the point but leaving us wanting more.

"Hangsang" continues with trap beat continuing the hype feeling.The album comes to a close with "Airplane" and "Blue Side (Outro)" that have a much more chill hip-hop rhythms however still keeping the energy that was projected through the other songs.

Hope World Message.

The song "Hope world" is a statement and a great way to start the album stating who he is as an artist and as a person, "this is my world, my own story."P.O.P. (Piece of Peace) pt.1" transitions into talking about hoping to be that hope and light in someone's life. J-hope in his Vlive after releasing the mixtape expressed that this song was meaningful to him and would like to continue talking about it that's why it's named part one.

"Day Dreaming" expresses a deeper topic for J-hope which is talking dealing with the spotlight and his personal life, "my character’s like half and half." "Base line" about the hard work getting to where he is today, then continues to "Hangsung" which is the reward for his hard work and friendships with his members.

For the song "Airplane" J-hope stated in the Vlive that "that he always wanted to ride an airplane when he was little." I believe the airplane in his song represents his journey in the music scene, "Now I fly without hesitation, in that airplane."


Hope World is a representation of who J-hope is on and off stage. It's a way for the audience to get a better picture and connect further with J-hope. One of my favorite things about this mixtape is the energy that is put in every song and classic rap beats. I can't wait to see more of J-hope's journey on and off BTS.