My 2018 wrap-up


They say your twenties are years for trying new things and discovering yourself. Well boy, have these first years been a rollercoaster for me! 2018 has brought of us stress, lots of retrogrades and tik-tok ad apocalypse. For me, in particular, it's brought me all these things and some major life lessons. I thought I'd share all the things I learned in 2018 with you guys or bots.

Adulting sucks.

Being out of college is like being a fish out of the water. No longer was I surrounded to my normal routine or friend group. Most of your college friends leave to back home or new adventures. The whole transaction is has been an awkward stage for me. I no longer have the routine I did for four years.

I was stuck choosing what my next chapter would be. I had to choose between going off to grad school or get a REAL JOB. After many number crunching, I made a choice to start job searching. Finding a job was probably the most terrifying thing to do. At one point I was ready to throw in the towel and just start looking outside my field. But after lots and lots of applying and interviewing, I got my first real job related to what I studied.

The whole experience was a never-ending rollercoaster ride. But, I learned so much through the process. The biggest lesson I learned was getting rejected from a job doesn't mean you failed but got another chance to get closer to your dream. Looking back I don't think I would have loved working at places I applied starting out. Though working for Refinery29 is still my dream! My advice for anyone who is graduating soon is patient and always send thank you emails!

Do what makes you happy.

Cliche, I know but someone had to say it! I started this blog two years ago in search to share my words with the internet. (Or many just Google bots that are ranking my non-SEO website.) At first, I was embarrassed to share my writing. The thought of someone I personally knew finding my blog terrified me. As time went on and I started to meet more writing gals like me, I got comfortable. Long story short is , do what makes you happy! Five years from now you're going to regret not doing what you love. Do what inspires you! If you have a favorite artist you like, share it with the world. If you like drawing, then make an Instagram account for it and share your work. If you like to sing and write songs, then do it all! Don't let yourself live in regret.

I might have been typing this at two am with nothing but the light coming from my laptop's screen so bare with me. I hope your 2018 was better than mine. Don't forget to reflect and learn from what you did this year. Keeping doing you!