Let Lorde take you to perfect places with her Melodrama Tour.


On Saturday, March 24th I got the chance to see Lorde's Melodrama tour. This was the second time seeing Lorde live. I had the opportunity to see her live back in 2014 when I was 19. Now at 22, I had the chance to see her live again but performing her second album. (Side note here is the link if you want to read my review of Melodrama album.) The Melodrama tour had two opening Mitski and Run the Jewels. Both artists two distant styles but complementing Lorde's style. The main act had a bit of delay, well she was almost going to cancel the concert because the truck that had her lights encountered a snowstorm that caused a delay. I later found out after I got overly anxiously waiting for her to take stage.

Lorde took the stage in black trousers and a Graceland tour tee. There was nothing but a line of lights illuminating the room and a couple of background dancers. Opening the tour with her song "Sober" and moving into "Homemade Dynamite" creating the grand opening of the Melodrama tour.

One of my favorite thing about this concert was the fact she incorporated many of her past hits. She sang "Tennis Court", "Magnets," "Buzzcut Season", "400 Lux", "Ribs", and "Yellow Flicker Beat." It was refreshing to relive all these hits with her in present time. She brought back the familiar to make new memories.

She did an outfit change into a vibrant red sequence dress. Bringing back her recent songs, she asked the audience if "we were in love" before starting "Hard Feelings." After showing us what it felt like to be love she brought it down by talking about self-acceptance and self-love.

Not holding back anything she continued with a piano playing the background Liability. Of course causing a couple of teary eyes in the audience, like me. The room twinkled with phone lights and voices of everyone who understood her pain.

After reaching the climax comes the resolution as should happen in a drama. Lorde changed outfits for the third time in the night into a transparent outfit with ruffles. She took the stage with her hit song "Supercut," "Royals," "Perfect Places," and "Green Light." Lorde performed "Greenlight" filling the room with a hopeful green and star confetti with her lyrics inscribed on each star. She bowed, retreated, and came back with a soundboard. She started the beats of "Loveless" and closing the concert with "team".

Lorde by far is one of my favorite performers to experience through headphones or live in concert. Lorde brings this emotion and story to her Melodrama tour. It's been a blessing to see her grow in confidence through the years. It's right she's not your average pop star, but it's refreshing to find someone who is relate-able and herself.