Lana Del Rey's 'Lust For Life' is us making crave more.


This year has become one of the most musically exciting years for us fellow music enthusiasts, and Lana Del Rey did not want to miss out. Lana Del Rey released her fourth album Lust For Life. This album is proving that Lana Del Rey does not just sing about the dark times but also the great moments in life.

From the first single off Lust For Life, we knew Lana was going to serve us more of her talent. The mood of this album is a lot different from her other albums but still very consistent to her aesthetic. Lust For Life has an up beat tempo with a great fusion of hip hop beats. Not to mention Lust For Life has killer collaborations with the Weekend, ASAP Rocky and Stevie Nicks.

I give this Lust for Life a four out of five stars.

There is something about Lana's breathy voice that just knows how to whisper her way into your heart. Lust For Life has to be one of my second favorite album from Lana. Only second because let us admit that Born To Die was a masterpiece. I loved the more upbeat tempos and the not so dark lyrics that we are so used to hearing from her. My favorite songs from this album so far are "love", "Lust for Life", Summer Bummer, Groupie Love and Beautiful People Beautiful problems. My favorite songs off this album will eventually change with my mood. I cannot wait to see this album win a Grammy.

Lyrics from Lust For Life that warmed my cold heart.

  1.  Love - "The world is yours and you can't refuse it."
  2. Lust for Life - "Keepin' it hot like July forever."
  3. 13 Beaches - "I've been dying for something real."
  4. Cherry - "I fall to pieces when I'm with you."
  5. White Mustang - "Summer's meant for loving and leaving."
  6. Summer Bummer - "I knew she'd notice like I missed the payment."
  7. Groupie Love - "It's so sweet, swingin' to the beat when I know that you're doing it all for me."
  8. In My Feelings - "Sobbin' in my cup of coffee because I fell for another loser."
  9. Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind - "I'd give it all away if you give me just one day to ask one question."
  10. God Bless America- And All the Beautiful Women In It - "Take me as I am, don't see me for what I'm not."
  11. When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing - "If we hold on to hope, we'll have a happy ending."
  12. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems - "My heart is soft, my past is rough."
  13. Tomorrow Never Came - "Cause if I had my way, you would always stay."
  14. Heroin - "It's hard to leave when absolutely nothing's clear"
  15. Change - "I've been thinking it's just someone else's job to care."
  16. Get Free - "I never really noticed that I had to decide, to play someone's game or live my own life."