The Killers' Wonderful Wonderful Album Review


The Killers' Wonderful Wonderful album make you relive fall in love with them all over again.  This album has me wanting to text the ex I never had.

The Killers' Wonderful Wonderful album has very similar vibes to their last album Battle Born. The album Wonderful Wonderful has a very chill rock melodies with simple guitar chords. Now and then the Killers' signature guitar solos pop up that make you want to bang your head the song.

My favorite songs from The Killers' Wonderful Wonderful album:

Personally my favorite songs from an album change depending on my mood or weather. (I am weird I know.) My favorite songs from Wonderful Wonderful are "Some Love kind of love," "Out of My Mind," and "Have all the songs been written?"

I like "Some love" soft whispery sound to it that gives your skin goosebumps. "Out of my mind" this very retro rock sound that just makes you sing along. Lastly, my favorite song from the album that I can see become a festival closing song "Have all the songs been written?" This song with the guitar chords and the vocals just give me the feels!

Overall thoughts on The Killers' Wonderful Wonderful album.

I would give Wonderful Wonderful a three and half out of five. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this album a lot however I felt there was not much variation between the songs. Overall I believe this album appeals to all music lovers from all generations. There is a bit of everything to appeal to every generation that has fallen in love with The Killers' sound and lyrics.

Do you think this album was a hit or a miss?