Hippo Campus' Warm Glow Review


Hippo Campus' Warm Glow is exactly what you would expect from the title of the album. So if you are looking for an album/EP to give your soul a highlight then I got the perfect thing for you. Hippo Campus' Warm Glow is more cheerful and delightful album when compared with their recent album Landmark. It is that album that just speaks Autumn. I cannot picture this album in another season. (The timing is perfect.) The album has their signature indie pop style.


The song "Baseball" has a very mellow but delightful sound that made fall in love with Hippo Campus. The chords on this song are one of my personal favorites. I believe that song's lyrics are just talking about getting the first impression of someone and realizing that they are not who you thought they were.


The song "Traveler" is one of those songs that don't have your typical song structure. This song reads more like a story. I believe the song's lyrics are about endless nights of contemplating about a lover that they don't get to see as much as they would.

Warm Glow.

The song "warm glow" has that end of summer feeling. That feeling when the summer is ending, and autumn has just begun, and the weather just gets crisp. I love the more acoustic sound of this song which is always appreciated. Jake's vocals resemble a whisper that resembles the autumn wind hitting your ear. The chords echo the fading sunlight. Can you tell this song stole my heart?

Overall impression of Warm Glow.

I would give Hippo Campus' Warm Glow EP a five out of five. I think Hippo Campus did a great job waiting to release these songs apart from their Landmark album. Warm Glow is that piece of pie after a course full meal that just ends the whole dinner perfectly.