Get sun-kissed by my July and August playlist.


Summer is finally coming to a close. Don't get me wrong I like summer because it is socially acceptable to drink iced coffee. However, I prefer changing and chilly weather that makes me want to buy a cinnamon apple candle. Since summer still isn't quite gone yet, I thought I would shamelessly share my playlist for July and August playlist.

I call my July and August playlist "sun-kissed."

My July and August playlist consists of a variety of different genres from my typical taste. This summer we got not only great singles but also amazing albums that are sure to win a couple of Grammy's. My playlist this month ranges from Haim, Lana Del Rey to Blossoms.

The first artist on my July and August playlist I cannot stop obsessing is Selena Gomez's two single "Fetish" and "Bad Liar." I love her doing more mature and less teen poppy songs. I am kinda obsessed with her "Fetish" music video that leaves you somehow visually satisfied.

Another artist that I have recently discovered is Dua Lipa and boy has she been rocking the world.  Her single "New Rule" is an anthem that girls can sing when they want to get back with a guy that did them wrong. Not to mention her voice is beautiful.

Tora has also made it on my July and August playlist. I discovered them from Local Wolves magazine. Their song "Jaigantic (Galimatias Remix)" is so great. I love their sound and simple lyrics. I hope to do an upcoming review of them or their album later on this month.

These are just a couple of the few artists and songs that have made it to my July and August playlist so far. I will keep adding more songs through out the month of August. Comment below your go to songs so far this month and make sure to follow my playlists!