Catfish and The Bottlemen & Green Day Take Nebraska


Three Catfish and the Bottlemen concerts in three different states later. And your girl finally got to see Catfish and the Bottlemen in Nebraska! Catfish and the Bottlemen opened for Green Day at the Century Link. Both bands were absolutely everything.

Catfish and the Bottlemen opened the night out with "Cocoon." Sure there were very little who knew people who knew the lyrics to their songs. (Of course, I was that one girl singing and dancing like there was no tomorrow) Highnote was that by the end of the couple songs Catfish and the Bottlemen had them all shaking their heads to the beat. Oh, the magic of great music and performers.

catfish and the bottlemen omaha nebraska

The only low key about Catfish and the Bottlemen's performance was that their stage time was way too short. I think some people drove longer to get the venue than Catfish and the Bottlemen's performance. They performed their singles from The Baloncy and their new singles from The Ride. I eternally feel sorry for all those who decided to skip the opening act. You missed out on a life time experience.

After Catfish and the Bottlemen stealing dozens of hearts from the crowd, Green Day came on stage.  I had never seen Green Day live until that day. Their performance was breathtaking. Not mention what other concert do you get sprayed with water from the main vocalist and get feed water when you started to get thirsty but you didn't want to lose your spot.

green day omaha nebraska

One of my favorite aspect of the Green Day was their crowd interaction. They knew how to make us feel involved. There were multiple times when Billie took fans on stage to sing the lyrics of their songs. To top that Billie let two lucky fans play their guitars. However, I believe the real winner was a luck twelve-year-old boy who got to keep one of Green Day's guitar.

green day omaha nebraska

At the end of the night, your voice was sore from sing along to the classics that you grew up listening to or head banging every song from both bands. I will recommend anyone see Catfish and the Bottlemen if they get the chance. Even more, recommend seeing Green Day because they are just one of those performers to put on your bucket lists.