BTS's Love Yourself: Her | Album Review


After listening to BTS's Love Yourself: Her album nonstop for a full week, I thought it would be appropriate to write a review of it. BTS's Love Yourself: Her has a track for every taste of music from pop, EDM, R&B to hip-hop. It incorporates all these styles while staying to true to who they are musically.

Intro: DNA.

I did two reviews of the two songs/ music videos which you can check those out down below.

Intro: Serendipity


Best of Me.

Best Of Me was one of the most anticipated tracks of the album after BTS announced they collaborated with the Chainsmokers. I was shook by this track because I'm not the biggest Chainsmoker fan but I was happy that BTS stayed true to their sounds. Plus we get SUGA's SINGING PART. "Best of Me" a simple love song about how a person brings the best out in someone. May I add, I love that this song is gender neutral something that we don't tend to hear in music much often.


Dimple just has that feeling of being head over heels for someone. It's more of a song that captures that moment of falling in love with someone and just getting all the feels.

Pied Piper.

Pied Piper is a bop! The funk of this song reminds me of Daft Punk funkiness and a little of Bruno Mars influences. I also thought it was clever incorporating the flute sound in the background to represent the Pied Piper.

As for the lyrics they are straightforward, I believe that it is a friendly reminder to his fans that it is okay to do what they do but not to forget that they should also focus on themselves and their own lives.

Skit: Billboard Music Award.

I thought it was lovely to include their acceptance speech. It is a reminder their fans that they weren't able to accomplish this without them.


MIC DROP has more of that 90's hip-hop beats that are so refreshing to hear nowadays. As for the lyrics, I think it is more of diss track for their haters out there that are jealous of their success. I was surprised to discover that Obama's mic drop inspired BTS.

Go Go

Go Go Go is that montage to the YOLO life. BTS works with a more reggae feel to this song and again that flute plays in the background. The lyrics talk about forgetting about things and just going to wherever and whatever one wants to do.

Outro: Her

Outro: Her has that kind of-of old R&B vibes that tie the beginning of the album and close it perfectly. The beat is straightforward just like its message. It just explains that with love comes the "tear" or pain. The whole journey can be painful, and you tend to lose yourself in the process of trying to please someone else.

"The whole new myself I’m confused too, which one’s the real me?"

Overall Impression of BTS's Love Yourself: Her

BTS's Love Yourself: Her gets a four out five stars from me. I enjoyed hearing a refreshing sound that you don't hear on US radios but also refreshing to listen to a different side of BTS. Love Yourself: Her is a new chapter of BTS's music career and an open letter to their previous fans and new ones to come.

My current favorite songs (because they regularly change) from Love Yourself: Her have to be "Intro: Serendipity," "Dimple," "DNA," "Outro: Her," and "MIC DROP." I cannot wait to see their new music videos! So keep streaming and supporting BTS this comeback!