Album Review: Lorde "Melodrama"


Before I start, I just want to say Lorde is living in 3017 and we're still living in 2017!

On June 16 Lorde blessed us with her release of her second album Melodrama. I may or not may have been waiting for like four years for a release of a new album. Listening to Melodrama album makes me want to take a ride around the city at two in the morning and just look at the deserted streets.

Here is what I experienced from each perfect song.

Melodrama album opens the curtains with "Green Light." This song to me talks about trying to move on but not being able to let all those emotions go.

The second song on Melodrama album is "Sober." This song is great transitions from "Green Light." This song to me talks about the drinking and wondering if the relationship will continue after they are both sober. Lorde shook me when the bass dropped, and she whispered. *Dies*

The third song on the album is "Homemade Dynamite." This song to me talks about meeting someone who is similar to you but would end up in an explosion. The fourth song on Melodrama is "The Louvre." This song to me is talking about falling love with someone that makes your heart raise.

The fifth song is "Liability". This song from the beginning you can feel the pain in her voice. This song to me is about how people constantly tell her she is a disadvantage to people because she is too famous. People start to fade their relationships with her.

The sixth song on the album is"Hard Feelings/ Loveless." I think the song "Hard Feelings" talks about the feelings that come when there are no longer affections for one another. "Loveless" should have been made a full song because it is amazing.

The seventh song on Melodram is "Sober II (Melodrama)" This song talks about the drama that comes with a relationship. One day being completely in love and next being down each other throats. The eighth song on Melodrama is "Writer In the Dark." I think Lorde talks about how she will immortalize her relationships in her writing.

The ninth song on Melodrama is "Supercut." I think she talks about she keeps repeating the happy/ ideal moments of their relationships. How one fails to see how the relationships are falling.

The tenth song on Melodrama is "Liability (reprise)." I think this song is a response to getting called a liability. I believe she is telling her past relationships what they overcame, and their goals are now just shuttered.

The eleventh song on Melodrama is "Perfect Places." I think she is talking about just living in the moment. She just wants to remind people that the ideal location is in the present.

Overall I give Melodrama five out of five stars.

I had been waiting four years for Lorde to release another album and boy did she release a masterpiece. Melodrama deserves its own exhibit at the Louvre. I cannot wait to see her new music videos and upcoming tour. I think this album easily has become one of the personal favorites.

Tell me which was your favorite track from Melodrama because everyone has a favorite.