Album Review: Halsey's 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom"


Halsey can do no wrong when it comes to her new album. Hasely released her second album called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom on June 2nd. Halsey's album talks about the struggles of getting out of a toxic relationship and learning to love yourself. Halsey takes you through the whole journey of falling love, falling out and finally falling in love with yourself.

The track that resonated with me was “Sorry.” It is honestly is relatable and honest. She talks about what it feels to have someone fall in love with you but you not feel the same way. She also talks about the struggles of understanding that someone loves you genuinely.

"So I'm sorry to my unknown lover Sorry that I can't believe That anybody ever really Starts to fall in love with me"

The other track that shook me was "Bad At Love." This track is a reflection of her past relationships. It tells us that it's okay to leave if we no longer feel loved and not to be afraid. I'm secretly hoping "Bad At Love" will be on of her singles.

Halsey's album is far beyond deeper than most of its other albums in its genre. I give Halsey's album three out of five stars. Halsey put her emotions and story into this album. While listening to the album, you can see the story she is telling with every lyric. I think Halsey is giving girls at our generation a more realistic message of when you should remove yourself from a relationship and learn to love ourselves. I love how she talks about topics that society wants to hide under the rug. I can't wait to see her music videos and see her picks for singles. Tell me which songs are your guys favorite off the album.